How to install the balloon chain

  1. Make an arch with balloons Make two balloons of the same color and tie them together; Tie two groups of balloons of different colors together, then wrap them on the plastic pipe, stagger the colors, and add another layer on them to stagger the colors, and so on, until you do the length you want (measure the height and width in advance. Generally speaking, the length of the arch is height plus width. For example, if the arch needs to be 3 meters high and 2 meters wide, then 5 meters long is almost the same); Finally, just fix it where you need it
  2. Make patterns with balloon flower clips, It’s beautiful to use five balloons of the same color to make petals and another color to make Flower Heart. They can be tied with ribbons and fixed. They can be fixed on the wall or hung up!
  3. How to decorate the Wedding Room with balloons, Use a heart-shaped grid to make a peach heart, use a small balloon to blow to the size of an apple, open the grid into a heart-shape, plug the small balloon into the outer circle of the grid to fix it, and then put it in the inner circle (it can be different from the color of the first circle, or the same, freely combined as you like), and so on. Then, a beautiful heart is done
  4. Decorate the ceiling with balloons, You can stick it to the ceiling by directly pumping hydrogen, but the hydrogen is too expensive, and it will fall down by itself over a long period of time, which is not stable. We don’t advocate here. We can use Double-Sided Adhesive Tape, which is both affordable and convenient. See, the following picture is very beautiful, isn’t it? In addition, you can freely combine the patterns you want! How to decorate the Wedding Room with balloons
  5. Decorate the aisle with balloons, tie two balloons of the same color together, and then wrap another group of balloons of different colors on a thick rope until the desired length is made. Directly tie the wrapped balloon rope to the railing of the aisle and fix it.

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