2 in 1 Electrodeless Double Colors 33Ft 100 LED Milky White Globe String Lights with Remote Control Warm White

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  • String lights with small balls of two-color, bright, low consumption of energy and long life
  • Small balls of two-color decorate the beauty! Star Lighting – add color to life
  • Remote Control & Timer: Wireless Remote Control 8 Modes light sequences and Auto timer(6 hours on, 18 hours off).
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use: IP44 Waterproof class makes this battery powered string lights available for indoor and outdoor use[Avoid to put it in the water directly]. It is a wonderful addition to your bedroom, backyard, patio, room, wall hanging decoration.
  • Romantic Decor Lighting: spreading soft warm white light glow, creating romantic and happy atmosphere across wide area. Ideal for Bedroom, Camping, Tapestry, Party, Dorm, Apartment, Umbrella, Party, Wedding, Garden, Porch decor.
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15 reviews for 2 in 1 Electrodeless Double Colors 33Ft 100 LED Milky White Globe String Lights with Remote Control Warm White

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  1. Isabel

    I excitedly waited all day to see these light on at night! I wanted something durable for outdoor use on my patio, these are great. I dropped the strand a couple of times while trying to unwind and hang them and none broke – my first thought was that glass would have shattered. The lights are a soft, warm white color. They’re really easy to use. I hope they hold up for a long time but at $20, I wouldn’t feel too upset if I had to replace them after a year of nightly use. Love them!

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  2. Kimi Rose

    Love these little guys. The white plastic globes are the perfect size- about the size of a USD penny. While I don’t use all of the settings available, they are pretty great. I live in the city and have a small deck. I have them strung along the deck as light and to create a more intimate feel that separates me from the rest of the world when I’m out there at night. These bulbs are not too bright- they provide a very soft light. They were super easy to set up- great length for my need! I’m struggling to figure out the timer thing. But I suspect that has more to do with me than the product because everything else with it has been so spot on.

  3. Theresa in NY

    My daughter wanted lights for her room and we purchased these based off reviews and price. When they first arrived we plugged them in and they worked fine. We purchased little wall clips and she hung them up. Then the lights didn’t work. I contacted the company and they helped us try troubleshooting the lights to no avail. They sent out another set of lights that we received in two days. I can’t say enough good things about the customer service received. My daughter loves the soft glow and different settings to choose from. I love the timer. Great product!

  4. Kimi Rose

    I have always wanted the prettiest light, anticipating them to arrive was a little exciting, but the actual moment, I just didn’t know until they arrived. The lights are everything I wanted them to be!! The extra details in how they wrapped product inside, thoughtful, and the lights are high quality! I can’t say enough good, and how good, and I would love to thank the company personally, you really have something special here!! I’m thrilled and couldn’t be happier about your product and the way it was packaged! Money well spent!! Buy 2, give one as gift, you’ll be giving them something they will LOVE!! Sincerely, thank you!! I will buy more ❤

  5. Mom2NateandKate

    So far, I love these lights! The cord is very long and gives you lots to work with and the lights are a beautiful warm glow. May buy another set!

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  6. Eric Peterson

    I love these lights. I have never been happier with string lights in my nearly 50-year life. I’ve several sets of these lights for four years now. I have the ones with and without the globes and I’ve used them with and without extensions. I’ve used them on my Christmas Tree, around my windows (inside and out), along my walls, over the tops of my drapes, along my fireplace mantle, and out on my front porch. Indoor or outside they have never let me down. I trust them so much I’ve left the globe ones that I dip over the curtains inside my home up for two years now running year-round in both my kitchen and my dining room. They turn themselves on and off every day without my having to do anything. When the days get longer or shorter, I just push the green button once to turn the lights on or off to set a new start time and that’s it! I truly could not be happier with the purchase of these lights. When I first purchased them I thought that they were a little pricey. There certainly were and still are cheaper lights out there, but these have lasted the test of time for me so far. Maybe its because of the 30-watt converter? Maybe that keeps them from overheating or blowing bulbs because I haven’t burned out a single bulb yet (knock on wood) and they don’t drain much power either. Running them year-round hasn’t made any noticeable difference in my power bill, it might even be less because I don’t have to use a lamp to run all night in those rooms anymore. I’ve never had to use the remote so I really can’t speak to that function but I can attest to the good value and trustworthiness of the product itself.

  7. Isabel

    I love these lights! Just put them up today so I haven’t had a chance to test the timer, but I’ll know if it works by tonight at midnight since I plugged them in at 6 :). They’re the perfect brightness, not too bright but a really warm feel. Sets a cozy mood on our balcony. So far…love!Update: timer works great. They go off automatically exactly 6 hours after I plug them in.

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  8. wc

    The packaging is great-love the thank you inside the box. We got our first set a few years ago and they’ve lasted in our extreme Houston area weather without a hiccup. You don’t have to use the long extension if you don’t need it.The brightness is perfect-and I really like the different options for program. I have them cycle through all of them, which is fun.Easy to tie together-we loved the first set so much, I added a second set. I’m thrilled with them.Especially happy now that daylight savings is over and I can enjoy my backyard earlier!Highly recommend product!

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  9. Maci Leigh Hill

    I love these!! I needed something to cozy up my bedroom, and these were exactly what I was looking for. They are not harsh bright white like a lot of LEDs, but are a soft and very gentle warm glow. I don’t use the different modes, though the slow glow on/off is pretty cool.My favorite time to use these is when my fiancé and I are on different work shifts… I can get dressed while he sleeps, since the lights are very gentle, and vice versa.I used small clear Command hooks to hang these up, so it was a super easy installation.Customer service was absolutely incredible! Tons of patience, and went well above and beyond to make sure I had lights that worked properly. My first set had a bit of a flicker to them that was getting worse, and they replaced them with no problem!

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  10. P. Hardilek

    We purchased these lights for our backyard and they couldn’t be more perfect. We strung them along our rock retaining wall and around and in a waterfall my husband made. They work great and are waterproof. Made very well and look great. So happy with purchase.

  11. iamsaida

    We just put up a canopy on our patio and it needed some lights. I bought these on a whim. They are frickin cute! I really love the size and warm color to them. They are unintrusive and do not seem like Christmas lights at all. The bulbs feel very sturdy, though they are only shells. I had a couple fall off unwinding them, but they pop right back on no problem. They are a little dimmer than I expected, but not significantly. I might buy another set to brighten it a bit more. I haven’t used the timer feature yet, but it sounds like it basically shuts off after 6 hours. BONUS- it has 8 light settings! I am not a huge twinkle-light person, but there are a couple settings that are really nice and not annoying. Also, it comes with a bundle of twist ties that match the cord. Very perfect for setting up around the inside of the canopy.Slight disclaimer though, I thought that by it being 49 ft it would easily wrap the edge of my 10×10 canopy with room to spare (9 ft right?). However, there is a length of just cord in the beginning, which is good in a way, for not having it lit all the way down to the plug, but I came about 3 ft short from the full wrap, which was a slight bummer.All in all, very cute and I would buy another.

  12. Lisa

    Okay… these lights are INSANE. I am writing this review two years later because I’m not kidding you when I tell you I have had them plugged in continuously through 2 Denver winters at this point, wind storms, hail, Hot sun, YOU NAME IT. While I admit I probably should have unplugged them at some point during the past two years, I just never have.And they are still going STRONG. Like literally not one light has gone out. I don’t think you realize how absurd that is given that I’ve kept them in the Colorado weather plugged in for two years straight. If you don’t buy these, you’re doing yourself a disservice.Buy them. You won’t be disappointed. This manufacture has done some voodoo magic to make sure these are unbreakable.

  13. Inae Dias

    I don’t write reviews, but I am so impressed with the product and the customer service that I must write one.The customer service is excellent. I had ordered the set of lights without the remote control thinking that I had ordered the one with the remote (item description was a little off). When I received the product there was no remote so I contacted the seller. They had misstated the item description to include “remote control, dimmer” on the item that didn’t have one, so they corrected the description, and they sent me out a whole new set of lights with the remote at no charge! Awesome!These lights are hanging up in my bedroom. They are attached to a few command hooks and they stay up perfectly because they are so lightweight. I would highly recommend. And I would highly recommend getting the option with the remote since that allows you to dim the lights 4 levels, turn on and off, and switch between the different modes. I personally only use the always on mode since these are in the bedroom and the other modes are not too relaxing.But overall great product. Highly recommended.

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  14. Suzz22

    The lights themselves are very nice. I hung them in each of my children’s bedrooms for relaxing ambience. They globes are a nice size – not too big – and they give off a nice warm light. The overall effect is quite different in each room though. My daughter’s room is much smaller than my son’s room so the lights make her room much brighter than my son’s. Also, my daughter’s wall color is yellow while my son’s is blue so the lights have an overall much warmer look to them in my daughter’s room than my son’s. Overall I’m pretty happy with them, but where I’m very disappointed is in the 8 “effects”. Other than the regular “steady on” mode, I find the rest fairly useless and disappointing. Most of the modes are too flashy and crazy. I’m looking for a soothing atmosphere, not the Vegas strip. The two settings where they actually dim would be great if they didn’t turn completely off. With those two modes, the lights dim until they actually go off and then they come back on and cycle through it again. I really wish there was just a plain “twinkle” setting – one that didn’t switch over to flashing – and I wish there was just a steady dim setting. That would make it a 5 star product.

  15. Michael Y

    The lights look absolutely beautiful on the ceiling. I used three strands, they were easy to connect. The only negative was that there was way too much lead wire before the second and third strand starts. It’s good for the first strand because it can go from the ceiling to the outlet without an extension cord. However for the other two strands not so good. We had to zip tie off all the excess wire and hide behind book shelves or curtains. The bulbs are plastic which is great for safety. There are multiple light modes with the button to change them on the outlet plug so it’s very easy to do. Overall very easy to put up and looks great with only that one negative thing about the excess cord before lights start being way too long.

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