23.6Ft Rattan Decoration Pine Needle Gold Christmas Swag


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High-quality PVC materials, emitting soft light, fresh pastoral style, sending out a strong Qin spring flavor, away from the hustle and bustle to return to nature, with a little retro romance

“This 6ft Rattan Decoration Pine Needle Gold Christmas Swag is an ideal way to bring more joyous festivities into the house for Christmas. Boasting golden pine needles, high-grade Rattan, and glittery embellishments, it can be easily hung on doors or walls to bring festive atmosphere throughout your home and give it tree-like vibes.

Below are a few of our product highlights:

Made of premium Rattan material that is both sturdy and eye-catching. Decorated with golden pine needles and other sparkly decorations for maximum visual impact. 6 feet in length for full coverage can provide festive ambience when hanging at doorways or walls.

A beautiful combination of beautiful materials and craftsmanship make this 6ft Rattan Decoration Pine Needle Gold Christmas Swag an exceptional option to hang over any doorway or window frame during the holiday season. Additionally, its two loops allow it to be installed quickly without difficulty onto walls or doors without difficulty; additionally its artificial materials will last many years even under direct sunlight exposure!

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