Blue And White Metallic Air Wedding Party Arch Decorative Balls Set

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Introducing Blue and White Metallic Air Wedding Party Arch Decorative Ball Chain

This fantastic Blue and White Metallic Air Wedding Party Arch Decorative Ball Chain is the perfect accessory to decorate a special event or venue. It’s made from sturdy metal wire and decorated with shiny blue, white and silver plastic spheres. This chain is perfect to add decoration to your wedding aisle, entrance or any other special occasion.

The stretchable chain can be used indoor or outdoor, so you can easily use it as a decorative element for any type of setting. It measures 3 meters long when stretched out to its full length. You can hang it in multiple ways by connecting it to walls, ceilings, arches or trees.

  • Made from strong metal wire
  • Decorated with glossy blue & white plastic spheres
  • Easy to install anywhere indoors or outdoors
  • Stretchable for up to 3 meters long
  • Great for weddings, parties and more!

This air wedding party arch decorative ball chain is an ideal way to add some sparkle and a touch of magic to your special event. The shining colors make these chains stand out during the day but also at night when lit up with lights or candles. Hang them around arches or entrances for a truly unique look that will make all your guests feel welcome!

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26 reviews for Blue And White Metallic Air Wedding Party Arch Decorative Balls Set

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  1. Patricia Garced Colon

    Great garland and came with a bunch of different sizes. I would recommend buying additional larger balloons if you want to give your Garland a wow factor.

  2. Nicole

    Well worth the money! We used our air compressor (for nail gun) to blow up balloons and it went together from start to finish in about an hour and a half. I did leave the last tiny balloons to fill in holes fixed with the provided tape until the day of the party because I was afraid they would fall. The entire garland ended up lasting more than two weeks with the exception of a few balloons that deflated overtime!

  3. Jasmin Rod

    Beautiful! I ended up not using the largest balloons because I decided to have the balloons over the backdrop instead of framing it. The largest balloons were used elsewhere for the baby shower.

  4. Aracely

    Very easy to assemble, and it has everything you need to make it look beautiful. The only thing is the smaller balloons I was not able to use because the air machine couldn’t fill them up. They were so hard that we gave up on those tiny ones, but everything else was great!

  5. Donny

    Worked perfect for my baby shower!! Had some extra white balloons my friends may have used to set up but they said this was super easy to assemble with the balloon pump we also purchased. Was such a hit and got so many compliments.

  6. amber earnest

    Video Player is loading.

  7. amjnkt81812

    There are 2 shades of white and blue. The pearl white is obvious and beautiful. Blue and whites calm the heart. I like that the assembly takes the balloon insert to make the arch and tape. These combinations make it easy to assemble. I wish the seller can include a quick tutorial to save time to do a search on YouTube for arch insert and tape assembly. Please get a balloon pump to inflate! Balloons are of good quality; they do not look cheap and they do not pop easily.

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    Image #1 from amjnkt81812
  8. Alexa catlett

    Great quality! I only had one balloon pop and it was my fault. I didn’t even finish the entire bag of balloons (blew up maybe 80) and already, it looked amazing! It took me probably 1.5-2 hours total but it was not hard at all. I didn’t even realize there were instructional videos on YouTube until most of it was complete! Great purchase for a first time garland maker! I used it for my sons first birthday and all the guests loved it. It opened up the room beautifully. It’s one of those few things were it looks as good when you make it as the display photo!

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    Image #1 from Alexa catlett
  9. Dania

    I only used the balloons and glue dots, I chose not to use the strip included but tied the garland with size260 balloons and fish wire instead. Also, the gold balloons included are not chrome, they’re more dark mustard color and I had to buy additional blue balloons to make it a bit more full

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    Image #1 from Dania
  10. Kristie Congdon

    I only had one balloon pop but it was like 3 days after the event so it really doesn’t count. The colors are really nice even though the peach and pink don’t look too different from each other. I would definitely recommend.

  11. Berenice

    For the price to purchase a ready made one you can’t hear this!! Would totally buy again

  12. Zeronie

    Muy buena calidad aguantaron al aire libre súper bien de color son prefectos

  13. CVGW05

    I’ve ordered several different kits and this one by far has been the most plush. I wanted to post a picture but the picture didn’t size very well to see just how impressive this kit came out

  14. Marines

    These are super easy to assemble and it was my first time! Definitely recommend for the price.

  15. CVGW05

    A lot of the balloons popped through the party but for the most part it held up and looked nice.

  16. Aurora

    Great value for the amount of balloons it comes with. I used two packets and still had extra balloons. By far the best price and best quality I have bought on Amazon. Would definitely repurchase!

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    Image #1 from Aurora
  17. Cass

    Me gustaron mucho, muy duraderos.

  18. Jessica Lopez Fuentes

    Worked perfect and lasted a long time

  19. Alexander

    Took me an hour or so to get this set up (BUY A BALLOON PUMP) & we were so happy with the result!!

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    Image #1 from Alexander
  20. ABL

    Work great, plan for about an hour if blowing up balloons by hand but wow it is a stunning presentation! Received a ton of compliments on it!

  21. amber earnest

    The quality of the balloons is very good and it makes a beautiful display. I used it for a baby shower.

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