C9 Christmas Decorative large Strawberry Shaped Color String Lights for Indoor & Outdoor

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38 reviews for C9 Christmas Decorative large Strawberry Shaped Color String Lights for Indoor & Outdoor

Based on 38 reviews
  1. Christine

    After weeks & weeks of reading reviews, looking at other brands of lights, comparing features, lighted lengths, prices, & colors I chose this product. It was the big size C9 light bulb and the multicolors on the strand were what I wanted. The “lighted l

  2. Erica

    These turned out perfect to line our roof with! Bright and bulbs are big enough to see from the road! I bought 4 of them (not knowing how many sets I would need, but the 50 ft worked well enough we only need 3) keeping the last set for possible more outside just not sure where yet! All sets worked out of the box.

  3. Jeff Turpin

    These lights feel like they’re high quality and sure look it too! They are ultra bright and just downright beautiful. I really felt the holiday spirit with these. Can’t wait to get them outside and on display. I would recommend these lights!

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  4. R. Bray

    I purchased this string and another string of the Noma brand (same length and number of lamps) at the same time — this brand is easily twice as bright as the Noma brand. They are the perfect brightness for outdoor lights and they seem to be well constructed. Very happy with the purchase — I returned the Noma brand.Update — I have since this review also purchased the “BrizLabs 33ft C9 Christmas Lights, 50 LED Christmas String Lights” and the BrizLabs brand is even brighter and appear to be built with wire that has thicker insulation (I did not cut the wire open, but I’m guessing that the wire gauge is the same with thicker insulation — these draw so little current that there isn’t any reason to use larger gauge wire). I would guess that the BrizLabs brand will last even longer (because of the thicker wire resisting wire breakage and thus loose connections) and I also like the fact that they are every bit as bright as the old C7 incandescent lights (I have several strings of these old incandescent strings right next to the BrizLabs and Twinkle Star LED strings) — which I would guess would make them about 20-30% brighter than this Twinkle Star brand. I think that the Twinkle Star brand are still a decent value, but the BrizLabs are even better.

  5. SCS2

    Each set has a transformer but I was able to string 3 sets end to end and use only 1 transformer. The stayed lit the entire season, week before Christmas to week after New Year Day. I’m happy.

  6. Donna Wasneski

    These lights were bought to bring joy into our home and they have done just that. Superior quality and durability, by far the best decor lights I’ve purchased. I’ve had them for 3 months we have used them continuously without any problems.

  7. edsjrs5

    I bought these lights for my screened in porch. I have them strung along the top of the beams and on my green net hunting blind that I have around a portion of the porch for privacy. I clipped the lights to the green hunting blind and it helps to make the area really cozy and gives it a special kind of enchanted feeling you would not have with the drab green hunting blind by itself. Nice Christmas lights that work. I put them up a few days ago, no problems so far they all work.

  8. Eric

    Overall they seem well made and I love the length and size of the power cord. I was able to run it into my house through a window and still easily close the window. I’m not crazy about the color of the lights though. They don’t seem to have the richness other LED lights have. They look more pastel and not as Christmassy as I had hoped.

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    Image #1 from Eric
  9. G. Cameron

    Used on an outdoor tree. Lights have an old fashioned look. Easy to use. Have a long lead which enables being about 15 feet from a electrical outlet.

  10. Alfredo Perez

    Video Player is loading.

  11. Patty

    Maybe it’s my age but they just don’t make things like they used to. The lights are pretty but they just aren’t like the old C9‘s that are made of glass. I guess I should take the attitude that it’s better to save the electricity. I’ve yet to see how long these will last but if there’s a way to make a cheaper light I sure cannot imagine it.

  12. Chris

    These have a very cool way to hook multiple segments together. The bulbs aren’t breakable so I could easily toss a wad over a tree branch. I’m so glad I ordered these lights this year!

  13. Eric

    These lights are plastic, a big improvement for outdoor use. They are bright and the strings are nice and long. I attached them with Command Outdoor Light Clips which worked really well. My only problem: I’m married to a Grinch so I had to do all the work myself. He does tell me how nice they look, though.

  14. Bob G.

    Nice lights. They’re bright and large enough to almost look like old school string lights. We’ve had them lit daily for a month and they’re still working fine.

  15. Mathais

    Used them for the first time this Christmas. They keep going on near the plug where the fuse is. Shake them and they come back on. Not great. The saying “The cheap comes out expensive” applies here. Pretty bummed considering they were up for 30 days and had to be messed with 10 of those days. Would not recommend. Won’t make it another Christmas:(

  16. Kathleen Larus

    Loved the look on my tree outside. However, the wires broke during a windy night. The string lasted almost three weeks. I was very disappointed!!

  17. Jennifer Harase

    We loved these lights! I will probably order a couple more next year. We were missing one light cover though. Other than that they were perfect.

  18. B.P.

    Work great, and will probably buy more so I can daisy chain.

  19. Providencia Cardona

    Good purchase

  20. Marsha Murley

    Different lights.


    I will not put these light up until 2021 Christmas but all of them work and they look great. The connecting plug seems very heavy, I will have to come up with some kind of system for holding it up since these lights will go on the eves of my house.

  22. Carrie

    These lights are small, but they’re super cute for my outdoor Christmas decorations!

  23. Laurel

    They stayed up all season without burning out. They are bright and the cord is long so the Christmas decorations looked great.

  24. debadventurer

    These were very nice. We have them along our patio wall.

  25. sherrill George

    Great set of lights. Overall good vibrant color and they look great on the tree.

  26. edsjrs5

    Super cute and I love that they don’t get hot! My only recommendation is to give each bulb cover a slight twist to make sure they’re all secure. One of mine fell off, but easily twisted right back on.

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    Image #1 from edsjrs5
    Image #2 from edsjrs5
    Image #3 from edsjrs5
  27. Carrie

    Warm soft lights. Qualify and nicely made

  28. JOAN

    These lights are so pretty would and probably will buy again.

  29. M

    To short by 2 feet. Why doesn’t anyone make strands that cover 40′ of lights. Either 40′, 80′ or 100′

  30. Diynerd

    First I ordered on set of these and liked them so much that I ordered another set. I love how easily they connect together to make a longer strand of lights.

  31. Holly Flannery

    We spend a lot of time on our lanai and spur of the moment decided to hang multi-colored lights. At Christmas time we call them Christmas lights. The rest of the year they are party lights! They look great, we are very happy with them.

  32. John Bartas

    These are exactly what I expected. They are bright enough, long enough, had a nice long lead wire before the first bulb. No duds. They are not actual colored bulbs, but little leds with colored plastic bulb-shaped covers. I guess this makes them cheaper and lighter than real bulbs, and they look fine. No duds in the string anywhere. Recommended.

  33. Bill M

    All lights light and they seem to be long-lasting.

  34. Cheryl Bogart

    Loved how easy these were to hang, low foot print for storing but they had exposed copper wire we had to tape & they dimmed over time

  35. Steven Townley

    I had read many bad reviews about these lights and expected them to burn out immediately or worse not work at all. I am amazed at how great that they are. I put them up on the wall and they are still there glowing brightly and I am very happy with the purchase and them as well. I don’t know if this is any help, but I didn’t connect them to any other strand of lights, and I wonder if that has made any difference in the way that they are working. Quite durable.

  36. D. B.

    I love the colors and the lights. I was not happy with the plugs and connectors. They are wears. Fragile. I will buy more for next year. My house was beautiful and fell like Christmas. Thankyou.

  37. jackie pedro

    Solid light sets that you can link together. Probably my only issue is that the light sets don’t have the classic male-female connector plug that you’re used to on Christmas lights.

  38. Margaret M.

    I love these lights. Really bright for my outside decorations.

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