Honeybee Solar String Lights Outdoor Yard Decorative String Lights

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Technical Details


Creative and lovely little bee lights up warm, LED cold light source shines, long service life, glue filling, waterproof and watertight

Solar panel

Solar crystalline silicon panel with waterproof and moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, automatic solar charging

Switch key

There are two buttons for panel turnover. The left button is the mode switching key, and the right button is the on-and-off key


The solar string light is equipped with two ground inserting rods. When they are combined together, they can be ground inserted and fixed on the ground

Additional information

Additional information

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63 reviews for Honeybee Solar String Lights Outdoor Yard Decorative String Lights

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  1. Brenda Trask

    I love these!!! They are so cute and the bees are bigger than I expected.

  2. Marone

    they look great, the batteries lasted all of December use few hours a night so dont appear to drain rapidly. I took off a star because I would rather plug them into a wall vs using batteries.

  3. N. Ginder

    They were a gift. They loved them as living in northern Cal. Bees are everywhere in the summer. Gave them as a tribute to put on their Xmas tree.!

  4. Kym Brunner

    They look hideous when unlit, but pretty when plugged in.

  5. Tammie Singer

    Very cute. They’re only powered by batteries. I wish I could plug them in. The stem on each bee is long, so it tends to hang in weird positions. If you want the bee positioned upright, you have to adjust each one.

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  6. Iora Rua

    I bought these to wrap a shelf I bought at a yard sale for my guest bathroom. The bees are a bit larger than I had imagined, but I still like them. These are more orange in person than my photo depicts, more like the vendor’s last picture in the makes

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    Image #1 from Iora Rua
  7. Tom

    I ended up putting these on my Christmas tree. They are pretty cute and most people didn’t even notice there were bees in the tree. They are bright and have several modes that are easily navigated with the control box, which is light and doesn’t drag the lights down. The only thing I haven’t figured out is if there’s a way to go directly to the always on function of the lights after them being unplugged. (each time I plug them in I have to run through the functions to get the one I want) The other drawback is they are a nice size and well-made, so they tend to hang upside-down as the bees are heavier than the wire they are on. Overall, I’m pleased with the product!

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    Image #1 from Tom
  8. Kindle Customer

    I really do like these! The remote to mine is a little finicky but that isn’t an issue for me. I have them indoors around the tops of my altar shelves and love it. The only real design flaw I see is that the bees protrude off the light strand by a decent amount making it hard to position them in a way that’s uniform— but again that isn’t an issue for me by any means. I love the size and that they have a connector outlet to attach more strings of them to.

  9. Susan K.

    I like the amount of light they produce… however, I must admit I put them in combination with other lights, but they are NOT overwhelmed by those lights.

  10. kimberley robinson

    Very nice not overly bright bees are larger than I expected but still cute these are plug in lights

  11. PJTress

    Daughter used for mother’s day project. They work very well.

  12. Marysland

    I love them and the warm glow. The bees are adorable.

  13. Skier Gal

    Lights are bright, but the abdomen stripes are mere indents in the plastic and not painted black, so do not represent bees very well.

  14. Molly babcock

    Looks just like I wanted

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    Image #1 from Molly babcock
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