S14 15 Bulbs 47.9Ft E26 Copper Wire Christmas Decoration Edison String Light

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Light source power:24(W)
Main application range:Wide
Variable light distance 3.28′
Length 47.9′
Plug type US/EU/UK standard/Australian standard etc
Waterproof Ip65
Cable Colour Black
Voltage 110-130V; 220-260V
Applications Indoor and outdoor: lighting, parties, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, etc

S14-15 Bulbs 47.9Ft E26 Copper Wire Christmas Decoration Edison String Light

Christmas lights always bring people joy and happiness. Our S14-15 Bulbs 47.9Ft E26 Copper Wire Christmas Decoration Edison String Light is designed to add enchantment to your holiday decorations and bring you good luck and happyness in the coming year.


  • LONG LASTING: The string light has 15 bulbs, each bulb uses 4 watts of energy for a total of 60 watts for the entire strand.
  • DURABLE: Each bulb is made from durable copper wire that resists corrosion and rust, so it can withstand outdoor weather elements.
  • BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DECORATIONS: Add a bright festive touch to your home with this beautiful string light.
  • SAFE TO USE: Our S14-15 Bulbs 47.9Ft E26 Copper Wire Christmas Decoration Edison String Light is certified safe, so you don’t have to worry about any electric shock accident when using it.

With our S14-15 Bulbs 47.9Ft E26 Copper Wire Christmas Decoration Edison String Light, you can easily create a magical atmosphere in your home or garden during festivals or special occasions like birthdays, parties and anniversaries! Simply hang these lights anywhere indoors or outdoors to instantly create an even more beautiful festive display. The decoration will look amazing at night as well! Enjoy the sparkles brought by these lights and make your house stand out from the crowd!

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26 reviews for S14 15 Bulbs 47.9Ft E26 Copper Wire Christmas Decoration Edison String Light

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  1. Susan M Cullinan

    I really do like these lights. I arranged them up my side yard and all across the back yard. I have a small yard, so i only needed four strands. The hardest part was reinforcing the old fence that attached 9′ 2X4s to so i could run the light strands across the yard. Now that they are up i can see just how bright these lights are. They’re great if you want really bright lights all the time, but if you want to dim them, which I do, then you need the dimmer. And here is the problem. There are enty of string light dimmers on Amazon, but i can’t find the one that is made for these lights. The promo for the lights dimmer says to order Svater B07GT1K18P 360w dimmer. Everytime I enter that ASIN: Amazon a whole bunch of other dimmers come up, but not the one I need. HELP! I really wan to order the dimmer for these lights.

  2. HideTheBird

    We used these for my daughters out door birthday party. I needed them for lanterns that my friend and I drew on, they served their purpose. They were durable, and I was pretty satisfied with the way they looked. Just keep in mind that these only have 15 bulbs. If your shooting for more lighting look for some with 50.

  3. veasna kasem

    Finally got the chance to hang these lights in my backyard and I am so satisfied with my purchases. The sturdiness of the string and the brightness of the bulb are the positives on this purchase. I am purchasing another set to hang on my front porch now.

  4. Sonja

    These work great around our patio and yard. Excellent mood lighting and durability.

  5. jthawkee

    Bought these for my patio, created a pattern to use up the 105ft and cast enough light throughout the area. I’ve had a lot of compliments and they glow very well. I did add the support wire option and remote. The wire is probably necessary for long term wear and tear, the loops to hang the lights can only hold so much weight and the wire takes up that added stress to the plastic loops. One suggestion would be to lay the lights out on the grass – feed the wire through the loops in order to get them hung without too much of a headache (trial and lots of errors), once this was done, hanging was easy.

  6. C.W.

    I bought them to help brighten up my patio, so far, so good.

  7. Charles Riley

    Very well built, love the hook tabs and the weatherproof light sockets. The cord is flexible and made hanging the string very easy. Very satisfied.

  8. Angela Parsons

    The construction appears to be high quality. The bulbs are very nice as well. If you want to replace the bulbs with standard size bulbs and use it inside (like in an attic) then plan on cutting about 1/4 inch off the end where the bulb is inserted. Note, modifying the item this way will make it non-waterproof.

  9. jthawkee

    I used two of these strings to accent the lighting on my backyard rink. They are very durable, lasting all season in very cold snowy weather, without needing any bulb replacements.You need to push hard on the bulb while turning clockwise to install them, but they are strong enough to handle it. I recommend doing this when the temps are above zero fahrenheit as you run the risk of breakage when putting the bulbs on the string.

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  10. Roger Fisher

    The string set is great! It was a breeze setting them up and they work as described. One thing I did notice that the bulbs are a bit more fragile than I expected. Otherwise a great product!

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    Image #1 from Roger Fisher
  11. Sandra K.

    This is a long stretch. We put it up in a patio area 15 by 27 ft and it’s too busy looking. Shorter would have been simpler and better.

  12. Lori

    These lights are well made, durable and attractive. We strung them all the way around the inside of our two car garage. They look amazing!

  13. Amanda

    Lights are beautiful and heavy duty. When we first received them they didn’t work (plug them in before you hang them!!). I did an exchange and received a new string of light immediately. The new strings works perfect and look k beautiful!! Great customer service too!!-Amanda

  14. acemedic1

    These turned out great and you get a lot for the money! We enjoy our porch and the ambience these lights provide.

  15. Grand cookie

    Good thing it came with a spare bulb, because one cracked in my hand while screwing it in! Otherwise, no complaints.

  16. Harry M

    High quality lights and great customer service! We weren’t tightening the bulbs enough and thought it was the string. They suggested tightening and it worked. Company got back to us within an hour! They look beautiful.

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    Image #1 from Harry M
  17. Kerry E. Christianson

    We bought the Alexa enabled outdoor dimmer plug to go with these and they have made my outdoor patio look magical. We set the dimmer on 30% because they are really bright. Great quality! I highly recommend.

  18. Austin Biesele

    Set them up along a row of trees earlier this year and they’ve been lookin great since.The stock bulbs it comes with are nice and pretty but aren’t recommendable for use as like a work light or anything, they’re just bright enough when its peak darkness outside that you can see where you’re going, but it’s for sure subdued.They use standard size lighbulbs (edison) so I imagine you can seemingly switch them out with like colored bulbs or bluetooth bulbs supposing you don’t use anything it’s not rated for.

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