ST38 25 Bulbs 24.9Ft Outdoor Patio Decoration Edison Vintage Tungsten String Light

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Xmas Twinkle Star ST38-25 Bulbs 24.9ft Outdoor Patio Decoration Edison Vintage Tungsten String Light is an amazing product to decorate your outdoor patio. With the gorgeous design of 25 piece vintage tungsten string light, it will bring you a warm and romantic atmosphere. The total length of the string light is 24.9ft(7.6m). With our advanced technology, the waterproof grade reaches IP44, so that you don’t need to worry about getting wet on rainy days. Moreover, with its energy saving design, it will save up to 80% energy compared with other traditional lights.


  • 25 pieces of Vintage Tungsten String Light
  • 24.9ft(7.6m) in total length
  • IP44 Waterproof Grade
  • Energy Saving Design – Up to 80% Energy Savings
  • Advance Technology – Long lifespan

This Xmas Twinkle Star ST38-25 Bulbs 24.9ft Outdoor Patio Decoration Edison Vintage Tungsten String Light is a brilliant choice for you if you are considering buying one for your outdoor patio decoration! It not only works great but also provides a beautiful and romantic atmosphere for you and your family!

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30 reviews for ST38 25 Bulbs 24.9Ft Outdoor Patio Decoration Edison Vintage Tungsten String Light

Based on 30 reviews
  1. Youngjae lee

    I was looking for outdoor lights for my balcony. The light bulbs need to be not too small and not too big. This product for my needs perfectly. I also like the industrial look and each light has a clip which I can easily attach the light to a place. I’m happy with the result. The lights make my balcony looks stunning in the evening.

  2. Sandruh

    I bought this for my small patio. Actually my wife wanted to decorate our new apartment. As the original intention is for decoration, this lights are just right. It has fuses and you can connect them in series. So if one fuse of the series works, you will be safe at least. Note: this is not suitable for normal light.

  3. GreyLight02

    These lights gave my patio a romantic and relaxing feel. It’s bright enough to light up my patio without blinding me. It was easy to install and it also came with built in hooks. They are durable and doesn’t feel cheap at all. I will be purchasing more. Highly recommend this.

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  4. blake nelson

    These have such a nice warm glow to them, they add the exact ambiance I was hoping for on my deck! They are soft but give out enough light I don’t need other lighting. I also put one string in my living room. The bulbs are very delicate, when I was try

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  5. Paulie

    These are great lights to add to the entrance of a home. They are bright and I really like the shape of the bulb. They were delivered in perfect condition and were very inexpensive. I hope they last!

  6. Karen A. Parker

    These lights are beautiful! We hung them on the inside of our porch, so we have wonderful soft lighting in the evenings. They were easy to install and they have been shining on all summer long!

  7. Haley

    Love these lights but the distance from the last bulb ? to the wall plug ? Is less than the distance between the bulbs. It’s only 3 inches so you will have to use an extension cord or have a very close outlet to where you want to use them. I use a long extension cord and wrapped them around my curtain rod. They bring so much warm light to my room. Absolutely love them!!!

  8. Carly Ruhland

    Very pretty and worked for what I needed, however I’ve only had them up for about a week and a half and I’ve had to replace 6 bulbs already.

  9. missbay

    These lights are great. They give a nice golden glow and have sustained themselves on our patio through a number of rainy days. Love the white wire too which goes better with our decor. Recommend!

  10. Sandruh

    I used these over the couch in our living room. They look great, I just wished the space between the last light bulb and the plug was larger so that one can get it to an outlet. As you usually want to hang these up high somewhere I had to use an extension cord all the way up to the ceiling to plug them in. The durability is fine, but as they are light bulbs I was careful not to bang them around. The light is great and bright enough, I just wished they would not run so warm as I am not comfortable leaving them on unsupervised for a long time inside. If you use them outdoors they should be just fine. For the price definitely a great deal!

  11. Stefanie Aimonetti

    These bulbs arrived today and unfortunately one bulb has broken already. Luckily extra bulbs were included in the package. Also the lights can only be strung in one direction and my outlet is in the opposite side of my porch…. I’ll update in a few weeks with how they are holding up.

  12. Jennifer Bilotti

    Something to keep in mind is that there is no “lead” on the cord of the lights. In many string lights, you’ll find that the cord is a bit longer between the plug and the first light. The first light for these starts about 6 inches after the plug. This might be because most people buy multiple strands and connect them end to end, so it could be a pro or a con!

  13. Agnes

    very nice, but they are brighter than on the picture

  14. Barbara

    These look great on my patio!The first shipment came all broken so they re-shipped it to me immediately and they are perfect I am very happy!

  15. connie jellen

    Matched the ones I got at Walmart and cost less on Amazon! Great lighting for the patio

  16. Rossetti Girl

    Great length and life light. Its perfect for my fire place mantel

  17. susan savery

    The bulbs are very bright and give off nice light. However, when I first received them in the mail, one bulb came shattered in the box. A couple weeks later they dropped slightly and another bulb broke, which was disappointing as they only come with one spare bulb, which I had to use to fix the broken one that came in the mail. Overall the lights offer great lighting, but are extremely fragile and not quite worth it in my opinion.

  18. abuyer

    Perfect match to a set I bought at Walmart a couple years ago! Love them!

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  19. abuyer

    Perfect for the patio

  20. Barbara

    Wanted these for antique light we diy’d. Hoping they loosen up a bit and hang straight, but I just took them out of packaging. Very satisfied – quality product!

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    Image #1 from Barbara
  21. Andrei Levchik

    Sus bombillos bebes y su cálida iluminación lo hacen un adorno muy modesto sin pasar inadvertido a pesar de no tener el largo que necesitaba lo utilicé como un regalo que fue muy bien recibido y puesto en uso de forma inmediata.

  22. katiriaone

    Right amount of light for mood lighting and illuminating my bbq.

  23. Larry Stout

    Just what I wanted, look great.

  24. susan savery

    I bought these for my wedding celebration and they were perfect they were very bright and good length

  25. Rachel M. Smith

    Very nice, bright and long enough for the area ordered for.

  26. J Jobe

    I bought these to highlight a tapestry and they are perfect.

  27. Laura Johnson


  28. Sue F Williams

    Squirrels ate through my last set of lights and now I have a bright lighted patio again.

  29. Roseann

    Super cute and it makes my balcony look really cute and unique. Each light also comes with a clip so it is easy to attach to my planters. I needed some help with the product and reached out to the seller. The issue got addressed quickly as well. Highly recommended!

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    Image #1 from Roseann
  30. cc

    Work great

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