G40 White 10 Bulbs 9.8Ft Led Tungsten Wire Copper Wire Low Voltage Outdoor Waterproof Courtyard String Light

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  1. Specification: 9.8 feet 10 lamp spacing 11.8 inches
  2. Plug in: 220V Euro 5V Euro 5V US 6V British
  3. Features: waterproof, long life, pure luminous, high brightness, not easy to damage, reusable, cold light source, not easy to heat
  4. Applicable: indoor, outdoor, parties, weddings, festivals, restaurants, hotel gardens, tents, parties, city roofs, shop windows, dinner parties, theatres and so on
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Weight 2.1 kg
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8 reviews for G40 White 10 Bulbs 9.8Ft Led Tungsten Wire Copper Wire Low Voltage Outdoor Waterproof Courtyard String Light

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  1. TechGirl

    Looked wonderful. I purchased 2 boxes to decorate for a party I had, and 1 bulb from each box was blown, but since I didn’t have time to return I used them with the 2 blown bulbs. The project was a hit, everyone loved the added touch.Update: I’ve changed my review from 4 stars to 5. The vendor reached out to me to see if my lights were received and if there were any issues. I informed them that 2 bulbs were blown, and they sent 5 replacement bulbs within a week. I’m very happy with my lights, and very satisfied with the customer services of the vendor.

  2. Devle86

    These worked great for lighting our pergola! I ordered replacement bulbs as well, and used black zip ties to attach them. Great product so far!

  3. Cora

    Excelent product. Two key important things to keep in mind: Don’t try to hang them before removing the bulbs, and don’t connect more than three strands together. Highly recommend. Great product for an affordable price.

  4. AJ

    Bought these for a 4th of July get together, draped them across our yard underneath our fruit trees. Absolutely beautiful and gave out just the perfect amount of light. Family loved them! The bulbs are quite fragile and after breaking one I decided to lay out the entire string/cord under where we planned to hang them. Then I put the bulbs in right before hanging. They do include extra bulbs.I’ve never seen packaging for bulbs like this. The box comes with individual bulb slots fitted into heavy duty, sturdy styrofoam type material.Easy to hang. They come with decent hangers but we used bread ties to secure them to the tree branches. Yes, sounds tacky but hey, it worked and no one could see the ties.The cord is sturdy and made of good quality and the 100′ was perfect for our needs.Will definitely be using them again.

  5. Midwest Mom

    These look great but the bulbs are very very delicate. I tapped one against another and it blew them both out. But they do give you a few extra I just hope I can find replacements I can buy a good amount of I’m case it keeps happening especially if there’s a storm or something. Also I wish they have something to attach them to the house it’s difficult to get them taught so they don’t droop I had to drill holes on my siding to anchor them. But other than the few technical issue these really make all the different in my yard. Very elegant. We weren’t able to sit back there until I got these up because it was pitch black. And they don’t attract too many bugs with a big bright light also a plus. Just enough light.

  6. T-Spoon

    These were the perfect touch for our covered patio! The lights are not too bright but just enough to set the mood without needing a dimmer. Just what we wanted! Setup wasn’t too bad. Took me a few hours to install them myself using cup hooks. I had to pre-drill holes then screw in 3-4 cup hooks per side. It was a PITA at first because I wanted to see how the lights looked using a zig zag swag style but since our patio is completely covered with a ceiling fan, I decided to change the entire setup and went for a clean perimeter install instead. Everything works well, very durable, bulbs, and all materials arrived perfectly. Two sets of lights were just enough for our small patio. I still had about 8 inches of left over string which I just wrapped up top in the corner. Still looks great. I added a 15 foot outdoor extension cord since my power source is located towards the surface and paired it with a smart outlet so that I can control the lights with Alexa or my phone. Super cool! I highly recommend.

  7. TechGirl

    I have ordered 4 boxes of these light sets now, the 25ft. I might just get the longer strand at this point. I love love love these lights. I will attach a photo at a later date, but these lights are gorgeous. They arrived, I plugged them in while in the package to make sure they all worked. Then i unscrewed all the bulbs to make it easy to hang. I hung them up all around my balconey using a staple gun. When I finished I screwed the light bulbs all in 🙂 I would highly recommend these lights. They are PINTEREST perfect!

  8. FBC

    These are very pretty and ridiculously fragile. I’m saying this after 40 years of stringing Christmaslights on very tall trees.My strong advice is: remove the bulbs from the lamp base. Hand or place your string of lights where you want themTHEN put the bulbs in the sockets. Yes even if you have to get back on the ladder.Boring and a hassle I know but soooo much better than having one end release from the extensioncord before it’s securely tied/attached and crash onto the cement patio below.

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