Led Santa Claus Decoration Simulated Candles


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Suitable for gift-giving relationship: younger generation, couple, husband and wife, colleagues, friends, elders, children, classmates, mentors

High quality LED electronic wick, fine workmanship, simulation flame shaking, flickering candlelight, bringing warmth and beautiful memories

XmasTwinkleStar’s LED Santa Claus Decoration Simulated Candle is perfect for spreading holiday cheer in any room of your house this Christmas season. With its festive ambience and unique design, these candles will brighten up any window sill, mantelpiece or table top in no time at all!
This candle is designed to look just like its real life counterpart with an amber LED flickering light, adding atmosphere to any room in your home. Additionally, its timer allows for 6 hours on and 18 off cycles so there’s no need to remember turning it on and off every day. 3 AAA batteries are not included but can easily be found at most stores if required for operation of this battery operated candle.

These candles also boast many practical advantages; they’re safe around children and pets as there’s no open flame posing any risk of fire or heat, waterproof, suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor decorating – making them the ideal additions for the Christmas season!
Lightweight candles make decorating easier without burning yourself or melting wax all over.

Product Features: * For an immersive lighting experience that mimics natural daylight with realistic flickering amber LED light, and no open flame hazard; integrated timer is set for 6hrs on/18hrs off; waterproof; suitable for outdoor use and lightweight & easy to move around.”

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