Macaroon Colourful Birthday Party Wedding New Year Decoration Balloons Set


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Process:Heat laminated

Suitable for:Christmas,Valentine’s Day,Spring Festival,Father’s Day,Mother’s Day,Teacher’s Day,New Year’s Day,Tanabata,Halloween,Children’s Day,Women’s Day
Specification:10 inches

Air leakage and oxidation problems

  1. Oxidation:The balloon will slowly degrade and oxidise after inflation, the colour will gradually fade away and the surface will be covered with a layer of white.
  2. The higher the temperature of the oxide and the more ventilated the area, the faster it will oxidise
  3. Leakage: the maintenance time is related to the environment and operation, there is a loss of production or exposure to the sun will lead to air leakage, winter
  4. Indoor maintenance time is generally 7 days, the higher the temperature the shorter the maintenance time
  5. Bursting: Balloons can explode when exposed to the sun or placed next to sharp objects
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Additional information

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