S14 10 Bulbs 32.8Ft Outdoor Waterproof Led Retro String Light

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Heat resistant and flame retardant without leakage,The exterior is wrapped in flame-retardant PVC with good heat resistance, no softness and no leakage of electricity.Suitable for a variety of venues, such as balconies, open terraces, squares, wedding receptions, banquets various festivals, parties, streets, Christmas trees, indoor room decoration, etc. Two styles are available, the outside christmas light head can be connected, the bulb wire high equipped with retro-style LED filament lamp, different from the traditional incandescent lamp, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, more beautiful, indoor and outdoor can be used fashionable atmosphere with atmosphere waterproof effect is very good
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Weight 1.5 kg
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28 reviews for S14 10 Bulbs 32.8Ft Outdoor Waterproof Led Retro String Light

Based on 28 reviews
  1. Milad P.

    I used this for my bedroom and it fluctuates often when someone turns on something in the house (I think all parallel circuits do) and the thick and black wire is not ideal for indoor use. It doesn’t heat up so it is safe to be hanged on a wall. One of the blubs were burnt too.

  2. Wena

    Look great and do the job.

  3. Alli S.

    We love these lights and it’s stormed daily since we set them up- no trouble with them at all. They are very well-made and easy to hang.

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    Image #2 from Alli S.
  4. Margaret Wettschreck

    Love it!

  5. Tiff

    So far so good. I bought these for a party in having in June. I plug it in just time makes sure it worked. I’m happy so far. I’ll add a picture once I have the yard set up.

  6. Desi Navarro

    Wish the lights were a little more dimmer …Overall they are great

  7. Debby Barnhart

    There is no remote control

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    Image #1 from Debby Barnhart
  8. JCD

    These are beautiful and well made however the bulbs are very bright and if looking to place in a patio for ambiance, these may not be the right one

  9. RangeRider

    These are awesome! Super bright and look great at night. Easy to hang and really good quality. These also would go with virtually ANY style from modern to vintage. Absolutely recommend.

  10. Brandon Daniels

    I’ve fixed up my backyard and a friend said, you need Bistro lights. I did my research and ordered this set. The price is amazing! Amazing quality and I now refer to my backyard as the Backyard Bistro!

  11. G. Erlich

    Excellent product. Bright and sturdy. I was going to take them down after my party, but they add a real personal touch to my backyard so I chose to leave them up. I would suggest if connecting two strands together that you add either an extra tie or a special knot tie.

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    Image #1 from G. Erlich
    Image #2 from G. Erlich
  12. Doyle

    As described.

  13. Dad of 6 Boys

    15 socket was right fit for space I have, didn’t want too much bright and close to each other as was running in V-pattern. looks good built and right for the job. hanged with zip tie and holds well. will see if any wear outs on next season but two rains and it still holds well.

  14. Debby Barnhart

    I love these lights!!! super bright and seems to be weatherproof as it has snowed several times since I put them up.

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    Image #1 from Debby Barnhart
  15. MamaDtown

    I was really surprised at how sturdy these string were when they arrived. And they look beautiful when lit!

  16. Paul Gronowski

    I only put in four 13 watt bulbs and used them as temporary lights during a construction project. Well made.

  17. Marcos

    Esta perfecta, buena iluminación, excelente inversión.

  18. Merlene

    Sturdy with plenty of lead wire to work with- they are also so beautiful! I put them out by the pool and they light up enough to give atmosphere and function but not so much that you feel you are spotlighted!!

  19. Hurd

    These give my pavilion a very warm and cozy look at night

  20. CJ

    These are awesome. I love that I can replace the lights. The flights are glass and not plastic as some others have stated. I’d definitely buy these again.

  21. Joseph

    Great product…

  22. Paul Gronowski

    We’re really happy with our LED patio lights we got. They seem to work really well and add a great feel to our patio. The design seems rugged and sturdy too. Awesome!

  23. S. Howell

    I can’t believe I didn’t realize that these were glass bulbs. I was taking them down to move to a different location when one bulb easily popped sending shards of sharp clear glass everywhere and with two young children – we all tend to walk barefoot. Missed the return window and am stuck with these despite the good sale price.

  24. Rick Birdsong

    Brightness is perfect for lighting up patio area & back yard

  25. Donna L. Hale

    Good value, I like the ability to connect them. Some of the others do not have that option. They are bright enough to light my whole patio up. We get a lot of wind over the hill and so far they have been able to hold up to the wind and rain. It is about how you hang them and placement.

  26. Donna L. Hale

    No remote control BUT bought 2 sets and since they link, they were perfect to line the sail over our deck. They have held up to our Texas wind and heat. Deck looks fab with these.

  27. Alli S.

    I really like these string lights for several reasons. The bulbs are spaced a foot apart (most sets have bulb spacing further apart), the bulb size is medium — not too small or two large, the bulbs are plastic, and they look great. One very specific “like” is that the plug ends are six inches, so when you join two strands – the bulbs are still spaced evenly a foot apart. My only complaint — and this is a personal preference thing — even though they are soft white, I found the bulbs too bright for my porch area. However – I solved this by purchasing a separate dimmer, and now I’m completely satisfied and happy with the look and brightness of these string lights.

  28. Diane Schurhammer

    Great value!

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